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Big Profit with Shared Housing with Jason Roberts In Person MERCER ISLAND JUNE 2024
Mercer Island Community and Event Center
8236 SE 24th St, Mercer Island, WA 98040
Thursday, June 27, 2024, 6:00 PM PDT
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MERCER ISLAND Community and Event Center - New Location for the Main Meeting!!

8236 SE 24th St, Mercer Island, WA - North of I-90, next door to Luther Burbank Park

Networking and Food Truck from 6 to 7pm, Speakers start at 7pm
Thai Food Truck on site starting at 5pm.

REAPS Members Free 
Guests: $25

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- Market Report by Angelique Tinney   Check in on where its going now!
- Networking - meet fellow investors and Snacks
- Meet Industry Vendors for building your team
- Your Haves and Wants
- Deal Showcase with investor Rory Boone.  Showing one of his favorite wholesale deal he did with a builder.
Plus, sought out and highly respected national speaker... 
Special GuestJason Roberts & Rachel Schneider National Speaker   LIVE ~ IN PERSON


Making Big Profits with Shared Housing

Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider

If we told you that there were a way that you could:
● 3x the cash flow you net from your houses and apartments
● Double the value of your properties
● Be MORE hands-off in the management
● AND be part of the real solution to the “affordable housing crisis”
Your first thought might be, “Yeah, yeah. If such a thing existed I’d already know about it”.
But your second should be, “But just in case I don’t, tell me more”.
We wouldn’t be dangling that carrot unless it were real, and do-able, and something we
thought you needed to know more about…and that’s why we’re thrilled to give you the chance to
learn all about it at our June 27th meeting.
The strategy that can do ALL of this for you is Shared Housing.
It’s a way to get paid handsomely for creating super-affordable housing for some of the
most vulnerable Americans, whether they’re:
● Veterans
● The elderly
● The disabled
● People in recovery from drug addiction
● Returning citizens
● Or whichever segment of society YOU have a passion for…
…in a way that’s affordable and supportive for THEM, and much more profitable than
traditional rentals for you.
Don’t Let the Knee-Jerk Reaction You Just Had
Turn Off Your Brain…
You might be having a lot of thoughts right now about how you’re too new, or that shared
housing is too complex, or too much work, or that you need more money than you have to get
But don’t write off this high cash flow, fortune-building niche just because you THINK you
know what it’s all about.
Instead, join us on Thursday, June 27th
and let Jason Roberts share his experiences and
show you:
● Which properties in which areas are ideal shared housing projects, and whether it’s
smarter to buy an existing facility, create a new one, or just convert one of the rentals or
rehabs you already own into one
● Why you can choose to be completely hands-on, completely hands-off, or something in
between, depending on your goals and skills
● How to get the money to do these deals whether or not you happen to have cash and
credit (trust us, you CAN)
● The renters who are begging for these situations, and who will fill up your property fast,
and for whom you’ll be solving a huge problem (and you know we make money solving
problems, right?)
● Real-life examples, with numbers, that prove that providing shared housing can triple
your income and double the value of your properties
● How you can single-handedly make a huge impact on the affordable housing crisis in
YOUR community, and get killer cash flow doing it (and really, what could be better than that?)


Works for Single Family or Multifamily.

Will be an awesome night!

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REAPS Members Free 
Guests: $25 

 Pumpkin Thai Food Truck onsite from 5 to 7pm:

Contact: Angelique Tinney [email protected]