TriStar Finance

Marcos or Seth  425-455-8497 [email protected]

From Creative to Traditional Lending - Several Programs for Real Estate Investors - Check their rates, they told us they are competitve

Rain City Capital

Lesa Say
(206) 271-8009

[email protected]

Seattle’s Premier Hard Money and Bridge Financing Lender.  Low rate longer term investor loans also.

Quest IRA

Anne Marie Hollonds
281-492-3434 x.3605

[email protected]

Quest IRA administers IRAs for the purpose of investing in “alternative” investments, including real estate, notes, oil and gas, and private placements, just to name a few of the almost endless investment possibilities. All of the accounts offered at Quest IRA are self-directed, meaning you get to make the decisions and our staff will provide expert account administration and transaction support services. We like to say that our best clients are the most educated clients, so in an effort to help you make the best investment decisions, we offer several educational weekly classes in our offices and online. In addition, each month Quest holds many presentations, workshops and seminars across the U.S. to educate people and allow for excellent networking opportunities.

Intrust Funding

Justin Reed
(425) 434-9205
[email protected]

As a leading lender in the Puget Sound region, Intrust Funding’s simple and efficient loan and draw process offers funding in as little as 48 hours for securing the best properties fast and reception of construction draws within 72 hours for time-sensitive rehab projects. Contact our loan consultant today at 425-434-9205.

Redmond Funding Group

Liz Sigfridson (425) 615-9426
[email protected]

When applying, be sure and mention you are a REAPS member and we will waive our $500 Processing Fee! Redmond Funding Group is the preferred hard money lender for residential property investors, real estate agents, and builder/contractors in the Puget Sound region.  We will assist you in structuring your loan transaction or we can provide you general information and advice about real estate loans, fixing and flipping a house, or building a new home.

WADOT Capitol Inc

Jay Brown (206) 362-4444
[email protected]

Private Money Lender with competitive pricing and reliable, fast, closings. 6 month to 24 month terms. All real estate types considered, all transactions considered (Construction, Rehab, Development). Business or investment purposes only.

Inland Capital

Jake Helle
(509) 993-5531
[email protected]

Private Money/Hard Money Loans Fastest Funding, 10% Down Payments, Remodel Financing, No Credit or Income Requirements.

Veristone Capital

Rob Apostol  (206 )349-5347
[email protected]

REAPS Members get $300.00 off every loan. Veristone Capital is the leading local hard money lender who provides creative financing solutions for investment properties. Our financing provides real estate investors a quick, reliable, and inexpensive source of capital for their projects.  Members of REAPS receive $300 off their processing fee on all loans they close with Veristone.

Civic Financial Services

Kirkland Branch   (425)385-9014
[email protected]

CIVIC delivers fast, honest, simple lending for real estate investors. Whether you’re an experienced investor or a first-time borrower, we are here to help you break through traditional lending barriers to unleash ever-increasing success.“We offer 1, 2 and 4 year terms as low as 8.5%”

First Financial Northwest Bank

Chelise Newbold 

(425) 900-7498

[email protected]

We are a true LOCAL portfolio lender that can help you and/or your clients that may need financing outside of the secondary market/conventional lenders on 1-4 unit properties (and/or commercial deals).  Here are some of our niches on our 1-4 unit residential lending platform: No limits on the number of financed properties; No title seasoning requirements; May Allow Vesting as Corp or LLC; 3 years seasoning for foreclosure; 2 years for short sale/BK; We can handle Non-Conforming properties (e.g. unwarrantable condos, 20+ acres, etc.); Foreign National Program; RSU Income allowed; We do not count your “in process” flips toward qualifying ratios; Asset Depletion; etc.  Essentially, we will look at any scenario and approach it from a common sense perspective.  Please call us to discuss your scenario today.

Flynn Family Lending


Bryan Nasman , Nam Nguyen and Ercle Terrell, Loan Sales Team

Providing Creative Financing Solutions in Washington State.

Even Second Mortgage and Cross Collateralization Loans 

Our Mission: The friendliest, most creative asset-based lender in Washington

Pacific One Mortgage a dba of Bay Equity NW   John Murphy
(206) 499-5626
You've come to the right place for home loans. Whether you are purchasing a home or in need of refinancing, this branch of Bay Equity Home Loans is ready to help you through the process. If it’s just information you seek or you are ready to apply for a loan, our Loan Officers will assist you throughout the process.