REAPS is a REIA.  What is that?

What is a REIA?  The National Real Estate Investors Association - NREIA - was founded as a nonprofit trade association comprised of chapters across the US, with over 40,000 United States members. The National REIA was founded with the purpose of exchanging ideas, supporting real estate investing professionals and providing educational opportunities.

What is REAPS?  REAPS (Real Estate Association of Puget Sound) is the largest REIA in Washington state. REAPS’ mission is to provide education, networking, and resources for beginners to advanced Real Estate investors in the Greater Seattle Area. Joining REAPS offers numerous benefits for both seasoned investors and newcomers looking to grow within the industry. Members enjoy the below benefits…

You’ll find that networking opportunities abound within our local reia association. REAPS serves to gather and connect like-minded individuals, seasoned investors, industry professionals, and potential partners. Through these connections, you gain access to valuable insights, strategies, and potential collaborations that can bolster your Real Estate ventures.

Education is another key advantage. REAPS hosts seminars, workshops, and field trips conducted by industry experts. These events cover market trends, legalities, financing, deal structuring and other strategies for RE investment. Such educational resources are invaluable, especially for beginners seeking knowledge and experienced investors aiming to stay updated with the latest industry practices.  We love knowledge deep dives for real estate investors especially with local seattle area experts and amazing national real estate expert speakers.

Access to exclusive deals, investment opportunities, and financial resources is another draw. REAPS members also enjoy discounts through partner companies like Home Depot. This privileged access provides an edge in identifying profitable investments and staying ahead in a competitive market. 

REAPS offers credibility and legitimacy. Membership highlights a commitment to the industry and adherence to ethical standards upheld by the association. This can foster trust among potential partners, lenders, and clients, opening doors to more opportunities and collaborations.

Lastly, the sense of community and support cannot be overstated. RE investment can be a rollercoaster ride! Membership in REAPS means having a support system—a group of individuals who understand industry challenges and can offer guidance and support throughout your real estate journey.

Joining REAPS provides a platform for learning, networking, access to resources, credibility, and a supportive community, all of which are invaluable in the dynamic world of RE investing.

REAPS is grateful to be celebrating over 40 years in Bellevue.

Thank you for helping us be one of the best local Real Estate Investing Associations in the Nation!